Tula 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ - Steel Case - 1000 rd Case
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Tula 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ - 1000 rd Case

For hunting, varmint control and all-around plinking fun!

Tula ammunition derives its name from its birthplace, the Tula Cartridge Works in Tula, Russia. This same plant also produces many of the products branded in the United States as "Wolf Ammunition".

The Tula Cartridge Works plant was founded in 1880 and is currently one of the largest ammunition manufacturing plants in the world. The Tula name has gained a following worldwide for its rugged, reliable, and economical product. This cartridge complies with CIP requirements and the casing features a polymer-coated steel casing with a non-corrosive Berdan Primer. The projectile features a bimetal jacket (contains steel and copper) and a lead core resulting in excellent ballistics characteristics.

The bullet of 7.62×39 consists of two elements, i.e.:
• copper or bimetal jacket
• lead core

• Bullet weight (grains): 122
• Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
• Muzzle Velocity (fps): 2396
• Max Pressure (psi): 39,800
• Rounds per box/case: 40/1000 

Muzzle Velocity: 2,396 F.P.S.  

Muzzle Energy: 1,495 ft.-lbs.



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  • Item #: UL076240-case
  • Manufacturer: Tula
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UL076240-case
  • Condition: New

Tula 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ - Steel Case - 1000 rd Case

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