PiSAT K-Light Solar Lantern w/1.5 Watt Solar Panel
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PiSAT K-Light Solar Lantern w/1.5 Watt Solar Panel

The K-Light is an innovative, eco-friendly solar-powered lantern, designed to stand up to the harshest environments. Approximately the size and weight of a can of soda, the unique combination of its solar-charging battery and bright, energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) makes the K-Light unlike any other product available today.

Small, lightweight, rugged and highly water resistant, the K-Light is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, boating and hiking. The K-Light is ideal as an emergency light, too. It can function as either a flashlight or lantern, and it can be powered anywhere?in any situation. A solar panel is included with the K-Light.

The K-Light is a reliable, rechargeable light made to last through any kind of adventure. It?s also economical and environmentally friendly. Simply connect the solar panel to the K-Light and place it in direct sun to be ready for hours of clean, bright light.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the K-Light or download the K-Light Help Manual.


* Lantern or flashlight

* 2 power settings: low and high

* Safe, durable carrying handles that rotate 360°, locking every 30° for 12 different positions

* 16-Bright White LEDs (100,000 hours of light)

* Rechargeable 7.2 volt, 1.6_Ahr NiMH Battery (last more than 3,000 charges)

* Lifespan: 10 years (full, daily use) or lifetime (recreational and/or emergency use)

* Shatter-resistant 1.5 Watt Solar Panel

* Lightweight, 22 ounces


Setting Low High

Number of LEDs in use 8 16

Hours of use 20 hours 10 hours

Hour of use per hour of charge 2 hours 1 hour

I use the Otter Box 3000 to carry my K-light Solar panels.

  • Item #: KL-71G-1.5
  • Manufacturer: PiSAT
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: KL-71G-1.5SP-US
  • Condition: New

PiSAT K-Light Solar Lantern w/1.5 Watt Solar Panel

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