Mo-Buff 10/22 Recoil Buffer Pin - 2 Pack
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Mo-Buff 10/22 Recoil Buffer Pin - 2 pack


Made of sturdy DuPontTM Delrin®, the Mo-Buff recoil buffer pin for the Ruger 10/22 (or SR22) Rifle replaces the factory steel bolt stop pin, eliminating the metal-to-metal “clank” when the action cycles. The cushioning effect of the Mo-Buff also minimizes recoil to practically nothing, thus providing the shooter with a near-immediate second-fire opportunity.


The Mo-Buff is simple and fast to install (instructions included), and is resistant to common gun cleaning and lubricating products. No permanent alteration to the rifle is required. The steel factory pin can always be re-inserted if desired.


Accept no flimsy immitations (i.e. polyurethane) that wear out quickly. The durable Mo-Buff is constructed of genuine Delrin®, bridging the gap between metals and ordinary plastics, offering dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, and low friction, thereby helping to extend the life of integral 10/22 & SR22 rifle components.

  • Item #: MO-Buff
  • Manufacturer: Mo-Rod
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MO-Buff
  • Condition: New

Mo-Buff 10/22 Recoil Buffer Pin - 2 Pack

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