Lee Deluxe Rifle 3-Die Set - .223 Remington
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 Lee Deluxe Rifle 3-Die Set - .223 Remington


The Lee Deluxe Die Set is the most flexible and accurate die set available. The Lee Collet neck sizing die is enhanced by the addition of the patented Lee full length resizing die, which allows us to produce ammunition to factory-new specifications using cases fired in other guns. Your precision fire-formed brass can be used to reload the most accurate ammunition for your gun using the Lee Collet neck sizing die. No other die can produce more accurate ammunition. We are so confident, we guarantee it.


In addition to the best accuracy, you get these benefits:


  • No case lubrication required with collet die
  • Reduced or eliminates case trimming
  • Ten times increased case life
  • Unmatched speed and convenience
  • Minimum bullet runout
  • Most uniform neck tension


Lee 223 3-Die Deluxe Set includes Full Length Sizing Die which need lubrication. Collet Die which sizes the neck, Dead Length Bullet Seating Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data

  • Item #: 90604
  • Manufacturer: Lee
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 90604
  • Condition: New

Lee Deluxe Rifle 3-Die Set - .223 Remington

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