ITW 1" M.A.S.H. Hook - Black
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ITW 1" M.A.S.H. Hook - Black


The new M.A.S.H. [METAL ALL-PURPOSE SNAP HOOK] Gateless Snap Hook from ITW Waterbury Buckle offers users many advantages over traditional snap hook designs. It is specifically designed to eliminate gate failures.

  • No “gate” to get snagged
  • Low profile
  • Oversized thumb tabs for easy operation
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • No spring or pins to break
  • Greater range of motion




  • Item #: ITW9186
  • Manufacturer: ITW
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ITW9186
  • Condition: New

ITW 1" M.A.S.H. Hook - Black

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