FOURSEVENS RCR123A, High-Discharge Rate
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This FOURSEVENS rechargeable CR123A battery has the high discharge rate needed to power the new Mini Mk II's impressive 1020 lumen max output. Although it was developed specifically for use with our Mini Mk II flashlight, it is compatible with most devices designed to use RCR123A batteries.

Capacity: 550 mAh

Voltage: up to 4.2V when fully charged


Please Note: Exceeding the maximum voltage of your flashlight can cause permanent damage to the flashlight. Before using these batteries please ensure that your flashlight is rated for up to 4.2V per battery used.

  • Item #: UBF
  • Manufacturer: FOURSEVENS
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UBF
  • Condition: New

FOURSEVENS RCR123A, High-Discharge Rate

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