Condor Ghillie Suit
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Condor Ghillie Suit


Description :
- Three-Piece Set: Jacket, Pants & Hood.

- Mesh netting liner with fire retardant PP fur.
- Seven Shades of Dye for woodland color.
- Four Shades of Dye for desert color.
- Ready to wear. 
- One drawstring stuff bag.
- Import

Size: M/L, XL/XXL

Size XL/XXL measurement:
chest: 48" 
waist: stretches out to 42"

Size M/L measurement:
chest: 40"
waist: stretches out to 36"

Color : Woodland

  • Item #: GS
  • Manufacturer: Condor
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GS
  • Condition: New

Condor Ghillie Suit

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