Boker Gorm Peeling Knife - Green
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Boker Gorm Peeling Knife- Green

Today, the Vikings are still a synonym for extraordinary abilities. Not only were they brave and courageous seamen and warriors, but also very competent forgers. Contrary to the Japanese tradition, the high end Northern blades were not given from generation to generation as a heritage, but were lost for posterity due to their destination as burial objects in the sea or fire burials when the owner passed away.

Designed by the renowned knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes from Denmark, the homeland of the Vikings, and handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany, the home of high quality blades, the Gorm (named after the first Danish king) combines ageless virtues which make this knife series a real masterpiece of kitchen cutlery. The choice of materials is as extraordinary as the design. Equipped with stainless 440C steel with its high edge retention and a Rockwell hardness of 58-59° HRC, Gorm is by far superior to any ordinary kitchen knife blades, and is as tough as the Vikings. The characteristically shaped hole in the blade makes the Gorm especially unique.

But it is not only a design feature, it also provides a functional benefit (it works as a tactile response point), which provides excellent control while you choke forward on the handle like the professional chefs do. From an ergonomic standpoint, the Gorm sets a new standard. The specially shaped handle is perfect for long and extended work, with a comfortable grip. Furthermore, it is impossible to slide forward and hurt yourself on the cutting edge.

The handle scales are made of milled canvas Micarta with the typical linen texture, which is not only very robust, but also gives a very secure grip. The grip gets even better when the knife or hands are wet. Every Gorm kitchen knife is an expression of the finest kitchen culture. For that, you get your personal Gorm knife delivered in an attractive gift box, with an individual serial number. Innovative and exceptional design from Scandinavia and manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Functional and rugged construction with high quality materials. 440C blade steel for outstanding edge retention. Ergonomically designed handle scales made of milled canvas Micarta.


  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Overall Length: 6 3/8"
  • Weight: 1.8 oz.
  • Item No. 130457
  • Handle: Green Canvas Micarta
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Item #: 130457
  • Manufacturer: Boker
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 130457
  • Condition: New

Boker Gorm Peeling Knife - Green

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