Adventurer Mini Med Pack
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Adventurer Mini Med Pack

The Adventurer Mini Med Pack contains basic, over the counter medicines for the most common ailments which can ruin a quiet weekend getaway. These include discomforts such as headaches, stomach aches, allergies, diarrhea and heat related issues. 

This small medicine pack contains items such as: 

- Aspirin
- Non-Aspirin
- Chlorphen (allergy medicine)
- Diotame (stomach relief)
- Diamode (diarrhea)
- Medi-Lyte (electrolyte replacement)
- Heavy Duty Reusable Zip Lock Bag

Mini Med Pack Specifications:

Stock#: MP1324
Series: Adventurer
Wt: .75 oz
Size: 3" x 4 1/2"
Medicine Descriptions/Instructions: Included

  • Item #: MP1324
  • Manufacturer: Best Glide ASE
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MP1324
  • Condition: New

Adventurer Mini Med Pack

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